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Lectures:  October 2018 – April 2019

Unless otherwise stated Lectures will be held in the Kensington Library Lecture Hall.
Entrance via 12 Phillimore Walk (which is also the entrance to the local Surgery).
Remember to show your pink Membership Card on arrival.

Tues 9th Oct Temples, Tombs and Treasures: in search of the Queen of Sheba:
11.00 a.m.      by Louise Schofield.
                       Hear what has been discovered of this biblical queen in the Yemen and Ethiopia.

Tues 23 Oct  London’s changing skyline, past present and future.
11.00 a.m.     by Anthea Streeter
                      The Future is of particular interest as seemingly constant construction is in progress           

6.15 p.m.       A.G.M. followed by Pam Boas Lecture
                      Terence Rattigan – Passion Restrained:  by Giles Ramsay
Some of the most successful post war writers fell out of fashion with the rise of the Angry                        Young Men. Contrast between pre and post the changing demands.

Tues 4 Dec  The Art of Snow and Ice:  by Sue Jackson
11.00 a.m.      Winter paintings through the ages.
                       Stay after the lecture for our Drinks Party. All Members are invited but we must receive notice                        of your attendance in advance as space is limited.

Happy Christmas to all our Members

Tue 22 Jan   DEBO – Mitford, Cavendish, Devonshire, housewife, 1920-2014
11.00 a.m.     by Simon Seligman.   Our lecturer worked with her for 20 years and he will tell of her skill and                       energy managing four houses.

Tues 19 Feb  ERIC RAVILIOUS and the Lure of the Everyday
11.00 a.m.      by Jo Walton

Tue 19 Mar   Romans, Moors and Christians:  Andalusia and its golden age
4.30 p.m.       by Tom Duncan

Tues 11 Apr   The English Parish Church, architecture and social history
6.30 p.m.       by Andrew Davies

Tue 25 Apr   Painter of Sunlight, Joachim Sorolla comes back to London
6.30p.m.        by Gail Turner.   This Spanish painter was a contemporary of Sargent.