Members of The Arts Society Kensington & Chelsea enjoy quality lectures, by lecturers accredited to The Arts Society specialising in the arts and artistic heritage, every month from October to July, in the Kensington Central Library Lecture Hall. Members also have the opportunity to join curated visits in and around London as well as overseas trips.

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Upcoming Lectures

Our lectures will ve held either via Zoom or in the lecture hall and our visits and trips will be listed on the website as and when we can organise group visits. Please keep updated via our website and email noticeboards.

You can view our archives of past trips and lectures here

Fashion, Fury And Feminism; Women’s Fight For Change

When social historian Tessa Boase told the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds she wanted to write their early story, they refused to let her visit their archives.  To…

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Peer Gynt:  The Words Of Ibsen And The Music Of Grieg Create A Norwegian Masterpiece

The unique collaboration of the two giants of Norwegian creativity is a remarkable work of genius.  Although some of Grieg’s tunes are well known, the story behind its creation and…

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Sahara As Muse

A cultural history of the world’s greatest desert, from rock art and myth, to The Desert Fathers, Sons of the Desert, Klee and Matisse, Schultz and Lucas …   The…

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Upcoming Visits

Great Estates of Scotland – Dumfries House

Dumfries House, a  Palladian country house in Ayrshire, Scotland, is located within a large estate around two miles west of Cumnock. Noted for being one of the few such houses…

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POSTPONED: Oxford: Walking tour and visit to Exeter College

This visit has been postponed until the Spring Max 19 tickets, £15 pp  Ref: 2021V02 We will meet Alastair Lack, an Oxford alumni and Blue Badge guide at 1.45pm at…

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Curators’ Introduction to Nero: The Man Behind the Myth

Nero is known as one of Rome's most infamous rulers, notorious for his cruelty, debauchery and madness.  His turbulent rule saw momentous events including the Great Fire of Rome, Boudicca's…

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