Greg Peer Gynt Album cover. Credit: Fnac.

Peer Gynt:  The Words Of Ibsen And The Music Of Grieg Create A Norwegian Masterpiece

The unique collaboration of the two giants of Norwegian creativity is a remarkable work of genius.  Although some of Grieg’s tunes are well known, the story behind its creation and the tale of the wanderer Peer are less well known.

Hear the remarkable story told by Ibsen to have a better understanding of the beautiful music which has become synonymous with the name ‘Peer Gynt’.

Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) wrote his allegorical drama Peer Gynt in 1867 while living in Italy.  The story tells of the downfall and subsequent redemption of a Norwegian peasant anti-hero.  Unlike Ibsen’s previous dramas it was written in verse and wasn’t originally intended for stage performance.

However, in 1874 Ibsen changed his mind and asked Edvard Greig (1843-1907) to compose the music for a production of the play.

Here we will listen to story told by Ibsen together with the beautiful music by Greig which has become synonymous with Norway and the name ‘Peer Gynt’.


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